Recording review: The Classic Review

Azusa Ueno – The Classic Review March 24, 2020

There is a large gap between Grieg’s first 2 Violin Sonatas and the Third, written 20 years later. Composed when Grieg was 22 (1865), the First Sonata is idyllic and optimistic, and we see him trying to reconcile classical form with unique and nationalist language. Hemsing and Trpčeski present a fine performance with a narrative character: the music takes a descriptive, almost visual quality, thanks to their striking musicality. The pianist’s first movement opening consists of only two chords, but in that short span he is able to create a real sense of mystery. The violinist opens just as imaginatively, with her energetic, almost breathless playing that reflects the youthfulness of the writing.

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Grieg – Complete Violin Sonatas (1-3)
Hemsing – Homecoming (2019)
Eldbjørg Hemsing – Violin
Simon Trpčeski – Piano
BIS Records, Hybrid SACD BIS-2456