Episode 2: Mette Henriette – Sami heritage in the modern Nordic sound

In the new episode of the Nordics Unveiled, Eldbjørg Hemsing is joint by the exceptional multi-faceted artist Mette Henriette. Norwegian Sami saxophonist, composer and performing artist has been captivating audiences and critiques around the globe – the youngest artist to be signed to the legendary label ECM, Mette’s debut album was also named the “Jazz Record of the year” (Independent).

Having both Norwegian and Sami roots, this diverse origin taught me a lot about the cultural perspective. In contrast to the Western cultures, indigenous people have nurtured the relationship to the nature in a different way. And here the landscape has profoundly shaped people’s emotional as well as their time perception.” Mette Henriette, The Nordics Unveiled

An artistic voice of today, Mette Henriette joins Eldbjørg Hemsing for a conversation about her inspiration and connection to the nature in the North, discovery of her Sami heritage and the Nordic sound.

I think all the impressions and experiences that we have and we share here in the North are unique. Nature is certainly one of the big shapers on how to interact with our surroundings. Just looking at the spectrum of emotions, in lightness and light or the darkness. Too frequently it is either negative or positive connotations, instead of being the beauty that can be explored through creative crafts and expression forms” Mette Henriette, The Nordics Unveiled

More information about Mette Henriette and her music on the following link.