Episode 1: Lasse Thoresen – Folk motives and the Nordic sound

Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen

In the very first episode of The Nordics Unveiled Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing is joint by one of Norway’s most celebrated composers, Lasse Thoresen. Thoresen is recipient of numerous international awards and accolades, including the most prestigious Scandinavian the Nordic Music Prize. He is praised for his unique soundscape rooted in elements of folk music, taking listener on a journey full of surprises.

Lasse Thoresen is also a professor of composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music where he teaches composition, electro-acoustic music, and sonology since 1975.

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Nordic sound is not easy to describe, when being part of the scene yourself (…) Perhaps there is not really a Nordic sound, but rather a Nordic rhythm. I perceive there is a different temporality in the music of Nordic countries, including Baltic.

Lasse Thoresen, The Nordics Unveiled

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