Episode 2: Mette Henriette – Sami heritage in the modern Nordic sound

In the new episode of the Nordics Unveiled, Eldbjørg Hemsing is joint by the exceptional multi-faceted artist Mette Henriette. Norwegian Sami saxophonist, composer and performing artist has been captivating audiences and critiques around the globe – the youngest artist to be signed to the legendary label ECM, Mette’s debut album was also named the “Jazz Record of the year” (Independent).

An artistic voice of today, Mette Henriette joins Eldbjørg Hemsing for a conversation about her inspiration and connection to the nature in the Nordics, discovery of her Sami heritage and the Nordic sound.

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Production of podcast “The Nordics Unveiled” was made possible with generous support form foundations Dextra Musica and Bergesenstiftelsen.

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