Episode 9: Synne Skouen – Prominent voice of the Nordic music scene

Synne Skouen, composer

The Nordics Unveiled is back after a short Christmas break, and Eldbjørg Hemsing is welcoming you to join her exploration of the Nordic. In the new episode, she is joint by composer Synne Skouen, without exaggerating one of the most prominent people in Norwegian music life. Celebrated as a composer, recipient of numerous awards and accolades, highly respected journalist and music critic, and we could continue naming. Synne was also the first editor-in chief of the music journal Ballade and head of cultural channels at Norwegian Broadcaster NRK.

Celebrating her 70th birthday in 2020, Synne continues inspiring generations of women across the cultural field. Welcome to another journey to the North with the Nordics Unveiled! 

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“I have said this a few times to some of the performers – if you are not really working with living composers and only playing the big masterworks, then you are surfing on all the previous generations of artists that have been building this tradition. And to put it simply, it is just not fine to do so and not even fun.”

Synne Skouen, The Nordics Unveiled

«…there is certainly not an easy answer to character of the North, but if you come from Europe to Copenhagen, then you come to Scandinavia or the North. If on the other hand you go from Oslo to Copenhagen, then you come to Europe. And if going from Oslo to Stockholm or Copenhagen, you can also see where the rich North has been before the arrival of oil to Norway.”

Synne Skouen, The Nordics Unveiled

“… composer does not know everything about their music and it takes a musician to show them what is there. The best thing that can happen to a composer is to work with musicians, where they bring out something that even them didn’t know it is there.”

Synne Skouen, The Nordics Unveiled

“I think its important to get the opportunity at the very young age to get to see your own country and culture from the outside. It is necessary and I wish many would be able to experience it. I was very privileged to get to experience this with studying in Vienna.”

Synne Skouen, The Nordics Unveiled

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